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About 23 PFA Old Comrades Association

From the initial tranche of names gathered at the 1992 social, the association in its present form has evolved exponentially.

Our membership stands at just over 300 registered members, all of whom have been issued with their own specially designed lapel badge. The are a mixture of all ranks, trades and cap badges including cooks, REME personnel, Doctors, Dentists, Laboratory technicians, Drivers, Clerks and the odd Major General, Brigadier, Colonel, Major and all other Commissioned ranks (not all of the Doctors)

Our members provide a living connection from the originally formed Airborne Units through the inception of 23PFA on the 8th February 1947 and their personnel, through to the present day units, 16 CSMR and its integral Para Medical Squadron 144 (v) proving that today, as ever, the volunteer soldier is a vital part of the armed forces.

Even though we do not all know each other personally and some have never met in person, we have registered members living in Spain, Cyprus, New Zealand, Canada, Portugal, Australia, France, Turkey and South Africa.

All are bound by the two newsletters produced each year; which feature a variety of stories, images, information and memories and an opportunity to attend a Gala Dinner in Coventry once a year.

Notes from the Association are also offered up to the Pegasus Magazine which offers and excellent opportunity for keeping up with Airborne events and all Association news. Additionally we try to encourage all our members to be supporters of the periodical and to become Associate members of the Parachute Regimental Association.


We also joined the social media revolution and have a Facebook page where members can share stories, photographs or simply catch up from across the globe.  

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